Postcards from India: Issue 4 | Emerged in the beauty of India


Hello Lovers, 

For the month of April, we wanted to share with you some of the culture we honour in India, the architecture where our artisans are based and the beauty behind our designs. 

Jaipur is the pink city in India where our artisans work behind the scenes creating the magic behind DOI. The city was first built in 1735, founded by Jai Singh ll. He had a vision for his city to not only just harbour the military or be a martial capital, but, to build a FABULOUS city, one that thrived on trade & commerce! Jai invited business communities from different parts of India to settle down in his new capital by offering them luxurious incentives such as large Havelis for various trades, communities & crafts. It worked and Jaipur soon became filled with artists, creators and musicians. The city still keeps to this plan and has streets named after the service you are after eg Johari Bazaar is the sector for jewellery named after the very first jewellery maker in Jaipur.

Jai Sing also had a passion for astrology. There are many magical details throughout the city referencing this such as having gates positioned towards the sun & moon and named accordingly as well as having buildings designed tall enough “to pierce the heavens”. The city is filled with the dreamiest details throughout every bend.  

The city started to turn pink when the builders started to utilise the local rubble from Quartzite for the exterior of some of the buildings. This had a soft pink hue, which in turn gave the city the term we now use affectionately as “The Pink City”.  The colour pink also represents hospitality which is embraced in Indian culture. You will find this sacred pink throughout our colour palette in our designs amongst other tones inspired from the Indian architecture. The vibrant colours found throughout all of the intricate detailing in the city have the intent to spread the message of peace and happiness. 

The buildings have been designed, in a way, to wrap around their culture in India with wide enough balconies to have the best vantage points to view processions with their loved ones. India celebrates gatherings, music and all art forms.

Florals are to be found in every aspect of every detail in Indian culture from the scalloped arches of their buildings to the clothing that we now wear. Our designs have come from their hands in the age old technique of block printing in which we honour and cherish on our dresses. When you look closely at our signature Kyra print you will see a Lotus flower which is the most sacred of flowers to India representing purity. Flowers are a symbol of strength, pourity & generosity. When exchanged they are to evoke an emotion whether it is love, joy, affection or appreciation. Flower giving communicates the deepest feelings in the most elegant manner. We carry this belief and what this represents throughout all of our designs with Honour and hope you feel it too.

What Jai Singh ll had envisioned back in the 1700s was a bustling, vibrant, fabulous city filled with art forms. This is what still lives on to this day and what we are inspired by with our colour palette in our timeless designs. The celebration of colour, joy, happiness & the traditional beauty of where it came from.
We are forever grateful for this beautiful city and it’s artisans.

(Words by Britt Overeem)