Sprouting flowers for mindfulness with Jen from Seed & Stem Flower Farm

Like a dark soil that has enriched itself through the years, gathering up leaves, dust, worms and minerals. Jen from Seed & Stem Flower Farm in Piggabeen NSW, Australia, has a deep journey of her own. One that has come from incredible heartache that’s sprouted into hope and aspiration through planting flowers. 

Looking out over the lush green grass with rich soil piled up ready for the planting of seeds. It’s this process that gave Jen hope. After losing her mum and brother, Jen struggled with her process of grief, then last year after losing her dad she found herself in a dark place, until one day she bought some seeds and planted them.

“I kept waking up in the morning, looking forward to seeing if the seeds had germinated. It was really symbolic. Along with seeking a lot of professional help, the flowers made me feel like I had purpose again. I grew more and more flowers, put up fencing and our paddock started turning into a flower farm.

“It took off from there really, my flowers gave me life. I ended up having so many flowers that I would deliver them to everyone in the neighbourhood. I gave flowers all year round. I wasn’t making money out of it, I did it to put beauty in the world.” 

Jen brings a message of mindfulness. To remind us of the joy that can be brought by watching a flower sprout from a seedling.

“It has all happened so organically which is nice, because I grow organic as well. I practice mindfulness and a slow pace these days which is super important to me for my mental health.

“When you see how quickly a sunflower grows, in less than two months you plant a seed and then you can cut a flower. It’s a metaphor for going through growth. We are constantly learning and evolving. Flowers can be a great tool to slow your pace down and be with nature. They are beautiful! And I think we sometimes forget the excitement that comes with planting a simple seed and watching it sprout. It truly is like magic. I encourage everyone to grow some flowers for the pure joy of it.”

The way that Jen has learnt how to grow her flowers is so inspiring. 

“I grow using the ‘no till’ method, meaning I don’t use tractors and everything is organic. I source my compost from a local company who use Stone and Wood brewing waste to add to saw dust and manure. It’s pretty special knowing that essentially it’s turning beer into flowers.” 

The Daughters of India team fell in love with Jen’s flower farm and her story of mindfulness and growth. 

“I believe so much in Daughters of India’s message and that’s why I am so honoured to be hosting the space for the team’s festive season gathering. I love what Daughters of India is doing with women and empowerment. I am absolutely thrilled to be connected to such an incredible brand.” 


We finish our chat by asking Jen what her favourite Daughters of India dress is and why?

“I love the Kyra Musk and Aalia Marigold. I’m quite olive skin with dark brown hair so the yellow really pops. You just feel beautiful in them. I often wear a Daughters of India dress to make myself feel better and it always works. Wearing something pretty goes a long way.” 

By Erin Pyers


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