What you buy
makes a difference


Our ethical and sustainable journey began at the inception of Daughters of India. It was an experience of precious moments with our friends in India, ensuring that we were creating a slow fashion label, with the highest ethical practices and support for the artisans and makers. This has always been held at the forefront of everything we do. 

We are fair trade and work with our team in India on programs that build education and training for the people of the village and surrounding areas of Jaipur, India. 

There are processes in the fashion world that we have always abstained from doing to ensure we uphold our integrity, ethics and values at Daughters of India.

We don’t do ranges/collections

We release one product at a time when it is complete. This ensures that the artisans are not overworked and pushed to complete a huge quantity of labour all at once, with unrealistic hours. It also ensures that they are kept in regular flowing work and not thrown in and out of big projects. We have a sustainable and realistic approach for all. 

We don’t wholesale

This means less waste and more control over our eco-footprint. It ensures we get ‘direct to consumer’ contact between you and us. We love being able to collaborate with all of our customers. We have never wholesaled our products and are proud to be able to deliver you our slow fashion in such an affective way online. By not wholesaling it also creates a lot less pressure and intensity of workload on our making facility and the team.  

What we do is:

We practise slow fashion. This is the essence of everything at Daughters of India. We don’t have production deadlines on any of our clothing, the workers have the ability and freedom to manage their hours, giving flexibility for all.

Fair trade

The facility that we use is Sedex Fair Trade Certified. We are proud to support the makers, above and beyond, what is classified as required and we see the difference it makes to their lives. It is an honour to see the team work in a harmonious and empowering environment that supports their livelihoods and families.

Daughters of India was created from our love of travel and inspired by the incredibly talented hand block artists in India who make each piece and carry through this traditional form of Indian hand block print making.