Gratitude Rituals with Georgie from The Farmers Daughter


Life in the slow lane requires us to take things, well, slowly. Moments of self nourishment and nurture are imperative for our health and well-being so we can show up in the presence of others with a compassionate and open heart. Drawing on from Indian philosophies, we find that acts of ritual and creating space for devotion are beneficial for grounding in the present moment and drawing inward for gratitude and guidance. We take a moment with Georgie, creator of The Farmers Daughter, for some inspiration on daily practice and beautifying our surroundings to enhance our internal and external environments.


What is the story behind “The Farmers Daughter”?

With no name behind the business, The Farmer’s Daughter originally started a lifetime ago with my late partner Lachie. Just before Lachie passed, we were trying for a family and moving properties. We had planned that once I was pregnant and could no longer work I would open a homeware boutique in the new closest town we were moving to. This was a  business I had wanted to start since I was so young as I love making a house a home, and Lachie was always my biggest cheerleader. 

Since Lachie passed, I struggled with many things, one of which being that I could not seem to continue on the same trajectory of our life in farming in the family business without my best friend beside me. So with a lot of soul searching and talking to the stars, I decided to go ahead with our plans, just in a slightly different way. I reached out to a few small businesses that Lachie and I loved and already had their products in our home, and they were onboard to supply with me. 

The name, The Farmer’s Daughter is a nod to my angel Lach as it’s the Bub we couldn’t have. But more-so, it’s me. 


Your story is so compelling. How have your experiences helped shape your journey? 

My experiences have completely helped shape my journey of starting a business. I have learnt to follow my gut, to trust my instincts and say yes to every new experience or opportunity no matter how scary, huge or different it may seem. 

One of the strangest things from deep grief is the liberating knowledge that life is so fragile and tomorrow is not promised so why not reach for every incredible moment this life has to offer while we are lucky enough to experience it. I live with a somewhat non-fear approach and attitude to things these days, not from a reckless standpoint, but from a place of presence. This has opened so many beautiful doors to me not only with business, but with all aspects of my life.



Why do you feel creating spaces of beauty, habit and ritual are beneficial for inner nourishment? 

From first hand experience, when my life was in the deepest throws of grief, loss and struggle, I had nothing around me to bring any light. Through simple rituals and habit I was able to find the smallest will to really live again, which gave me gratitude and such peace in the present moment. By continuing these rituals each day, I find gratitude for every moment I am living now. This gratitude gives me such joy for even the most mundane things in life. Many little moments in life can be incredible if we stop to be simply present and see what is around us in that moment. One of the many blessings I have learnt through creating my own habits, is that there is nothing we have control over in this life, except our perception. We do have a choice to be present, we have a choice to find peace and joy. It takes practice and it doesn’t mean it will be easy or you will be happy every moment of every day, but the fulfilment you find in your soul by creating your own happiness is priceless.

 What are some rituals you implement into your daily life?

My mornings are where I really set up for the day. I am a very early riser so I make the most of this. Since I lost my darling partner, a dear friend gifted me some beautiful Oracle cards. Each morning I wake up, have a little cuddle with my pooch Whiskey, then pull a card from my Oracle cards to help give me advice, strength and guidance for the day. I then journal. I set an intention for the day, and write about what I am grateful for. I remind myself that I will move through the day gently towards myself with whatever may arise that day. Once I have taken care of my spiritual and mental health, I then head into town and do Yoga and Pilates. Starting each day in this manner truly helps me keep grounded and motivated to keep reaching for every dream I have.

I also listen to my body and my mind, if I am not feeling physically, mentally or emotionally strong and well, I ease into my day. I may still pull from my Oracle cards and journal, but I may not drive to town and do any classes on these days. But I always make sure I remind myself to be gentle on myself and allow myself to feel whatever may be arising. I have truly learnt the only way through tough times is just that, through them. One of the many beautiful quotes my wonderful mother wrote to Lachie and myself through rehabilitation to encourage us was, ‘Hard roads often lead to beautiful destinations’. Even when things can be tough, these daily rituals remind me it’s just another step to the next beautiful moment of life.



Where is your store based and what are the offerings you provide?

My store is online at this stage. I am looking at opening a pop-up store in the Byron Shire where I can display my range and hopefully finally get to meet some lovely customers face to face. Eventually in years to come I may look at a more permanent brick and mortar space, but for now this has been a really lovely way to start this business. 

I supply a range of homewares and gifts from handmade ceramics; candles & diffusers; artwork; ritual, face and body oils; moroccan rugs; cushion covers; floor ottomans; hides; tote bags; Camphor Laurel boards; French linen tablecloths, runners & napkins; hats, and am in touch with new suppliers weekly about potentially having them onboard with The Farmer’s Daughter family. 

The pieces that I stock are all created by incredible people around Australia, who have been a dream to work with and their pieces all hold a special place to me. The purpose of The Farmer’s Daughter is to build connection, not just a beautiful home on the outside, but a beautiful home within yourself.  



Do you have a favourite Daughters of India garment and why? 

It truly is hard to choose! But if I had to, I would perhaps narrow it down to two dresses, the Kyra Midi dress (please do not ask me for a favourite colour because if I could have them all, I would!), and the Ishya gown. Both these dresses just speak to me of beautiful femininity, and have a whimsical look and flow that I love. 


We love taking time to acknowledge the present moment with gratitude. Why do you feel this practice is valuable for general health and well-being? 

Gratitude I have found is just so fundamental to find peace. And in peace, we can find joy in the smallest things. Tomorrow is not promised, all we have is now, and if you search deeply within yourself there is always something I find that you can be grateful for. 

A non-negotiable for me in my morning routine, where I make a cup of tea in a lovely handmade mug (Just the way Lachie used to do for me), I light a candle, put on some calming music, pull from my oracle cards, do a yoga flow and journal. When journaling I find gratitude always pours out of me and it just grounds me in the day, in my present moment. Having this practice each day has allowed me to get stronger mentally through my grief and reinventing my life, and has made me physically stronger too.  


As a woman who has traversed a world of emotions within her own heart, and triumphed with a desire to share the beauty she discovered, what is some advice you would like to gift our readers?

For me one of the most liberating things I guess I have found since living now with profound loss, is that saying I mentioned earlier, that tomorrow is not promised. We have all heard this before and know it is true, and it can sound morbid and negative. But in my experience, this fact is now a liberating motivator to live. Find what you want to do, what feeds your soul and excites you and just go for it, take the leap. You may not succeed in the way you imagine or plan, but you will never regret giving it a go. 

And one last thing - take the pictures! Life can change in an instant and I can promise you from experience, pictures mean more to me than most expensive material items I may own. So nowadays, I am that person that unapologetically takes too many photos with friends, of beautiful places, nice meals, with my family, and of course of my Whiskey girl. 


We couldn’t agree more! Thank you Georgie, for sharing a slow moment with us and providing a beautiful insight into how gratitude can weave so much magic throughout our lives. 


Love and blessings,

Daughters of India xx


(Words by Ella Josephine Archer)