Introducing our Charity Partnerships

Introducing Our Charity PartnershipsIntroducing Our Charity Partnerships

Since our establishment, our passion for empowering women to feel acknowledged, accepted, and respected has been our driving force. We believe when women feel supported our strength and resilience expands, as does our ability to soften and embrace the slow.

Like many communities around the globe, women are often the pillars of the community. Similarly in India, in many rural communities, women push to gain financial independence and take ownership of their health while honouring centuries-old cultural traditions and practices.

This is why we have always worked with artisans who support gender equality, who honour and respect women in the workplace and their communities, and who focus on providing women with free education and job training so they can also support their families.

Sewing the Seeds

In recent years, our leading female artisans are gaining recognition for their work, opening up opportunities for other women to join the journey of self empowerment. More and more, we are recognising the power of women coming together to facilitate change. 

As well as upholding a strong focus on women empowerment, giving back to local Indian communities has been our primary goal. Which is why we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Sewing the Seeds and Barakat Bundle! Two incredible non-profit organisations who focus on empowering women in India to become self-sufficient and support under-resourced communities!

We have pledged an ongoing monthly donation of $5,000 to each of these charities respectively in order to support the powerful initiatives they have in place for women empowerment in India!

Introducing Sewing the Seeds and Barakat Bundle

Sewing the Seeds

Since 2017 we have had an on-going agreement to order upcycled sari bags from Sewing the Seeds which we gift to our customers in their orders. You may also remember us releasing a limited line of their Market Bags (keep your eyes peeled for more of these becoming available soon!). 

Established in 2011, Sewing the Seeds have supplied over 130 women from marginalised communities with sewing machines and training to create these beautiful and unique products. Operating under a slow fashion ethos, the products are made ethically and fair trade using upcycled materials. Their mission is to become a fully self-sufficient organisation and break the cycle of poverty for Indian women through creativity and enterprise by creating an environment of self determinism and economic independence.

On our recent trip to India, we were blessed to meet the Sewing the Seeds women. Hearing their stories and learning the full scope of this organisation opened our hearts to wonder how we could increase our donations. Today we are proud to announce our ongoing donation to Sewing the Seeds to help these women continue to receive an education, training, and meaningful wages in safe and supportive work environments.


Sewing the Seeds Charity Partner

Barakat Bundle

Barakat Bundle is a non profit organisation dedicated to providing life-saving care and education bundles for mothers and newborns in India. Developed by medical and public health professionals, each bundle provides evidence-based items that are essential for a safe birth and a successful first year for a mother and her newborn. 

The team at Barakat Bundle work with local communities to create and distribute these care bundles for expecting mothers to prevent unnecessary deaths and provide life-saving care. Thus far, the organisation has distributed 350 bundles to expecting families in Gujarat and Madya Pradesh, India. From the 350 Barakat Bundles that have been distributed, they have trained over 70+ community health workers.

Through our ongoing donation to Barakat Bundle we aim to help them reach their goal of distributing 5,000 bundles over the next 3 years and train an additional 200+ community health care workers to conduct home visits that align with Indian government standards. We are so honoured to support the team behind Barakat Bundle save women and newborns lives in India.

Barakat Bundle Charity Partner

In partnership with these power women empowerment non-profit organisations, every Daughters of India purchase will now contribute to breaking the cycle of poverty for Indian women and providing local communities in India with life-saving care and education bundles for mothers and newborns in need.  


We feel so blessed to share this news. In addition to preserving generation-passed artistry, every Daughters of India garment is now more than ever contributing to empowering women to feel acknowledged, honoured and respected. 

“Through our partnership I hope our customers can recognise the power within themselves, and feel inspired to give back and contribute to change."

“Through our partnership I hope our customers can recognise the power within themselves, and feel inspired to give back and contribute to change. I hope the importance of supporting women, in all phases of life, is valued and recognised. Imagine a world where all women are supported. Imagine a world where everyone is provided with an equal chance. How much love would be flowing!”  ~ Megan Pentland, Founder of Daughters of India

We are beyond grateful for your loyalty and support. Your purchase is truly a gift towards a positive future.

With love, 

Daughters of India
(Words by Ella Josephine Archer)