Intuitive and Natural Living with @earthtoyoni

Intuitive and Natural Living with @earthtoyoni

Living in flow with nature’s rhythms and cycles is something we feel very passionate about at Daughters of India. We feel that embracing mindfulness and sustainable practices encourages a harmonious balance between human and environmental well-being, leading to improved physical, mental, and emotional health for us and the Earth. 

For mother muse, photographer, and organic gardener, Yoni Rivers ~ connecting with her intuition and nature has helped to cultivate a sense of purpose and emotional equilibrium, contributing to a greater sense of self empowerment which she now shares with other women. Join us as we share a slow moment with Yoni to learn more about her (and all women’s) inherent magic.

Can you share your journey of how you became passionate about intuitive and natural living?

I grew up with a deep love for the earth. In my late teens, I struggled with depression and anxiety, and ended up in an institution where I quickly realised I wouldn’t find the help I needed. In my own time, I found yoga, meditation, connecting to the earth, and receiving support from herbal allies. All of these helped with the anxiety and my overall well-being. When I turned 20, I moved to Belize to live on a farm with my beloved. After Belize, we hiked the Pacific Crest Trail - from Mexico To Canada. My connection to nature and passion for natural living just continued to blossom from there. And that eventually spilled over into intuitive mothering. 

How has natural living positively impacted your life?

Gosh, it's the only way I want to live. There’s only positive things to say! It makes me feel connected. It makes me feel rooted. It makes me feel mind-body-soul aware and has helped me foster an intuition of knowing what my, (or my children's body) needs. The closer I live to nature, the more life just makes sense. I don’t think I could ever not live a natural life close to the earth. 

How do you integrate the principles of intuitive mothering into your daily life, and how has it influenced your approach to parenting and nurturing your children?

The definition of intuition is “The ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.” It’s innate! We all carry it. We have the ability to drop in and listen. We can also seek our own counsel. Don’t get me wrong, absolutely ask for help if you need it! But a lot of the time, we can ask and listen to our intuition and we will be guided. 

I also want to add that I don’t think intuitive mothering is a one-size-fits-all. I think it’s a mindset that you find for yourself. A big part of parenting intuitively is having a strong connection with our children. As far as how it’s influenced parenting and nurturing them, I believe that has come through that deep connection. Deep connection with each other, with the earth, with the natural world, with ourselves and really just leaning in and trusting all that. 

Do you feel practising intuitive and natural living contributes to a sense of empowerment as a woman?

I think the answer is in the question itself. None of it is separate. Intuitive + more natural living IS what can contribute to being an empowered woman. An empowered woman is also likely to be tapped into her intuition and living a more natural way of life!

What advice would you give to women who are seeking to incorporate this into their own lives and parenting journeys?

I’d say to remember your inherent magic, and don’t complicate that thought, just believe it.  I was recently surrounded by hundreds of women, and I was looking around thinking, wow, everyone has their own magic. Their own offering to the world. The fact that you are a woman is so magical and powerful in itself. Honour yourself for simply existing here on earth in this lifetime! Remember your magic. 

Can you share an example of a practice or technique that you find particularly helpful in fostering mindfulness and intuition?

Being barefoot as often as possible. I am so much more regulated when I am outside with my bare feet on the earth. Beyond that, Breathe. Remember to take moments out of your day and consciously breathe. In fact, if you're reading this right now, I invite you to pause and take three deep breaths :) Good job! Moving on. 

Carve out more time for moments in nature without devices or disruptions. Combine those three together, and that’s golden. Going even deeper, I’d say to begin growing and cultivating some food for yourself and your family! If you don’t live in a place where you can have a garden, perhaps you can seek out a community garden in your area? I’ve learned so many beautiful lessons relating to intuition, natural living, and mothering simply from having a garden, growing food, growing flowers, and gardening with my children. Oh there’s so many lovely reflections there!

How do you support and mentor other women through your work?

There’s a few ways! I support women 1:1 virtually. I’m also planting the seed that in the near future I can begin to have monthly women’s circles online. There’s such sweet medicine and magic when women come together. Another way is through my own sharing, living, and reflecting online. Lastly, it is through my photography @earthtoyoniphotos. I take women on a bit of a journey with my photo sessions. Through us being outside, in nature, and them feeling connected to their surroundings or their children, they have a sense of empowerment! It’s an honour to create art and really just showcase and honour a woman's natural essence.

How do you balance entrepreneurship, motherhood, and mentoring while maintaining your own well-being and self-care?

It’s a dance! And not always an easy one either. I just came back from a two week long work trip to Oregon where I went to photograph one of the world’s largest women’s gatherings. I got to camp in the woods with 500+ other women. One of my intentions was to remember my own magic, to remember ceremony and ritual in everyday life, to open and relax a bit, tend to the gardens of my mind that had gotten a bit weedy, and bring all that back to my children and my home life. Since I’ve been back, I’ve been playing more music again and yesterday I decided to randomly learn to weave a basket out of wild grape vines growing on the land which felt so nourishing!

I feel that sometimes we think self care means yummy oils, a face mask, a warm bath. While that’s true and I love all of that, my self care also involves relearning ancestral skills, using my creative energy, playing music, and growing flowers. In this society we are inundated with a masculine approach to a lot of things. How can we soften and surrender to more of a feminine flow? I’ve also come to see that the more I tune in with the seasons within my monthly menstrual cycle, the more balanced I feel. 

Why do you feel passionate about supporting brands such as Daughters of India?

Well, let’s be real, y’all are so lovely and amazing. I wholeheartedly appreciate your focus on sustainability and ethics, as that’s very important to me. On your website, under Daughters of India, you say “flow freely and let your inner goddess come alive.” I’m ALL for that! How can a woman put on your dress and not feel totally empowered and like a total goddess?! 

What inspires your own self empowerment as a woman?

When I walked the PCT, it taught me I could absolutely do anything I put my mind to. Birthing and mothering 3 babies naturally also fueled my personal empowerment greatly. Other inspiring things to my own empowerment as a women are exploring the knowing of my self worth, learning to continuously love myself, trust the path I’m on, showing up vulnerably, my ability to determine my own choices, communicating through loving, open, and honest communication, settling and honouring boundaries, and so much more. Mostly, remembering that empowered women empower women!

Journal by Ella Josephine Archer