Maternity Dress Guide

Being produced by a loving mother of four, the very energy poured into the creation of Daughters of India embodies the essence of motherhood with intentionally crafted designs to support women through all phases of life. 
Whether this is during the pre maternal seasons of menstruation, during the changes pregnancy can bring, or the post maternal wisdom inherent in the crone. The magic of a woman in bloom is one of natures’ most incredible phenomenons. 
Our garments aim to support women to feel like a beautiful reflection of the divine. Just how nature intended.
Available in an array of feminine florals and cascading shapes, many of our styles are designed for growing bellies with those intimate postpartum moments in mind. Including low bust lines, deep neck lines, optional ties and buttons for easy breastfeeding access. The breathable natural fibre of cotton creates a featherlight fabric feel, ideal for embracing rest during times of nurturance. 
Each design is consciously curated by our founder before being made by skilled artisans and makers in Jaipur, India. In honour of Mother Earth, all of our garments are made in a sustainable process with the highest quality materials and chemical free, eco-friendly dyes. 
The patience and care put into the handmade process of each garment ensures the energy of love is carried through every thread.
For our founder, motherhood has been the source of inspiration in creating styles that flow effortlessly. From the soft expansion of growing bellies, to moments of nourishment and nurture, our designs support freedom to move to assist every journey with ease.
Below are a few selects of our maternity friendly styles.


With soft neutral tones and two optional ties on the yoke, the Jasmine Midi Dress in Shell is a lovingly crafted frock to compliment both freedom and growth.

The Zuri Wrap Dress is perfect for transitional wear, being both comfortable and practical to support you from pregnancy through to postpartum.

The full bodied skirt of our Kyra Dress in both Mini and Midi lengths is free of underlining, making it one of our most comfortable styles due to the lightness of the material. Our signature floral pattern feels uplifting and vibrant, while the newly redesigned low bust-line supports those cosy newborn moments, comfortably.

The elegance of our Sahana Gown is sure to evoke the inner goddess as your belly waxes to fullness. The delicate tiers in soft cotton make much needed rest and relaxation during pregnancy effortless.
We acknowledge all women of the world with deep respect and reverence for all experiences. Our adoration for motherhood is in honour of the ever changing nature of the female form ~ the magical essence of our very presence.
With love and kindness,
Daughters of India
(Words by Ella Josephine Archer)