Moving with Nauvoo

Moving with Nauvoo. Nourish your freedom to groove
In our realm of slow fashion we love to provide a glimpse beyond the surface of glamour and style; delving into the profound opportunity to uplift, inspire and empower through meaningful creations and connections.

Every piece is a celebration of strength, resilience, and the beauty of flowing in feminine energy. Every woman we collaborate with, be they our incredible artisans in India, the models we photograph, or yourself, are capable of effortlessly carrying this same empowering energy, inspiring women around the globe to embrace their uniqueness and chase their dreams fearlessly. We’re in this for you!

Recently on set with Nauvoo, we took a moment of pause to appreciate the energetic woman in front of the lens. Nauvoo reminded us about the importance of movement as medicine for the soul. We strongly believe that movement is so much more than physical exercise; it’s a form of self-expression, a way to reclaim our bodies and minds, and a powerful tool for healing and growth. This concept is something that truly inspires the shapes of our garments. Freedom to groove and comfortability is key!
Nauvoo wears Kyra Mini in Lilac
Nauvoo wears the Kyra Mini dress in Lilac.
For Nauvoo, movement is her sanctuary, a source of strength and joyful summoning of divine feminine energy. The rhythm and fluidity of her movements was truly captivating on set. The experience also served as a beautiful reminder of the importance of lifting each other up as women collectively. One of the many wonderful ways to honour Mother Nature is in honouring one another.

Together, we can empower women everywhere to feel confident in their movements, and dance to the rhythm of their own hearts. 

So, the next time you’re wearing one of our beautifully handcrafted garments, remember the message that flows through every thread ~ share your magic, move, and shine bright in your own unique way!

Read some of Nauvoo’s moving musings below…

Tell us about your beautiful self

Kia ora! I’m Nauvoo, a 19 year old creative who has just returned from solo-travelling Europe and Canada. I am Māori, Norwegian, Scottish and Irish but was born and raised in Australia. I love creating visual art, fashion pieces and videography.

Nauvoo wears the Kyra Maxi Dress in Fuchsia Bloom

What and who are your greatest inspirations?

My greatest source of inspiration is papatūānuku (Mother Nature). I am fascinated by her polarity in all aspects of life. I am inspired by the world around me and how it can be fierce yet calming, strong yet gentle, limitless yet patient. She makes me appreciate myself and the people around me so much more while she inspires me and others to create and connect. 

What helps you feel empowered as a woman?

Moving my body and sharing my ideas. Shaking some booty will never fail to make me feel my divine feminine.

Nauvoo wears the Jasmine Midi Dress in Charcoal and the Kyra Mini Dress in Fuchsia Bloom

What are your favourite self love/ self care practices?

I looovvee my morning and night time routine which is full of affirmations, gratitude and connecting to my body. 

We loved seeing you wearing our beautifully handcrafted pieces, how did you feel wearing them?

Honestly they made me feel like a beautiful fairy!!!

By Ella Josephine Archer
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