Painting Life with


Getting lost in a state of flow through artistic expression can be a deeply meditative and restorative experience. The process of creating allows us to focus on the present moment and connect with our inner selves, making it easier to let go of distracting thoughts and external worries. Finding a space of inner calm amongst the noise of the outside world is what inspired Brigitte Grant to pick up a brush and delve into the art of painting. We take a moment with Brigitte to find out more about her satisfactory journey of slowing down and creating a life sweet dreams are made of!

When did you realise painting was your passion?

Only a couple of years ago! Covid Lockdowns had just started, that's when I had the time to pick up the paintbrush. It turned into a passion very quickly once I realised while painting your mind shuts off in a way and I really enjoyed that ‘quiet time’ as I am generally quite a chaotic person! The passion has just grown stronger as the years have continued and I don’t think it will be disappearing any time soon!



How have you developed your passion into your business?

I have been very lucky to create this passion into a business. Instagram is where my art started to take off quite organically through photos I was sharing. Collaborating with some wonderful people and brands from an early stage really propelled the exposure of my artwork. I was also very lucky to have some fantastic business savvy friends that guided me through how to run and start a business.



Where do you find inspiration? 

I draw on inspiration from mostly Mediterranean countries, whether it be colours, shapes, architecture, sometimes even building patterns. In August of 22 I did a month travelling coastal Europe. Most of my current works I am creating are directly inspired from the places I visited whilst on holiday! So the euro inspired works won’t be slowing down any time soon. 

What motivates you to create?

Creating something can be such a fulfilling experience, watching an idea/artwork come to life brings a sense of satisfaction that definitely motivates me to continue creating! 

Do you have a creative process? If so, what does this look like?

I tend to have ideas pop into my head and just go for them! Sometimes I will write down ideas or do little sketches but most of the time I just wing it. I love the flow you get into when you don’t really know what is coming next or how it’s going to turn out.


Do you have any slowing down rituals to get you in the zone?

I love days when I do just get to paint. Those days are slower paced, they usually start off with a morning coffee and swim at the beach. Unfortunately not all days are like this, as I said before I’m quite a chaotic person so another ritual on a busier day would be writing a list of what I need to get done! 


Do you have any personal words of advice for our readers? 

Stay curious and delve into new hobbies! As an adult we tend to stop trying new things, life gets busy. If I hadn’t started painting out of boredom I wouldn’t be here chatting to you today!


We love seeing you get into your artistic expression while wearing our garments! What is your favourite Daughters of India garment and why?

I love them all! I can’t choose! The Diya Midi dress in Pistachio is such a beautiful colour. The front and back detail is incredible so I’ll say that one but I really do love them all.


(Words by Ella Josephine Archer)