Postcards from India Issue 11 | Empower Women, Empower the World

To all women far and wide, you are honoured and seen in your divine beauty and we are eternally grateful for your presence. Thank you for being your empowering self!
Women empowerment is a concept that has gained a lot of attention in recent years and is a core foundation of our label. It refers to the process of increasing the innate powers, status and agency of women, both individually and collectively. This involves creating safe and supportive environments in which women feel free to make personal choices and exercise their rights, and where they have access to resources and opportunities that can help them reach their full potential. 
Empowering women with the awareness of their rights in nourishing environments can have a positive impact on many aspects of their lives. It supports positive change for future generations, and is essential for creating a more equitable society.

For us, feeling beautiful and confident to flow freely in our feminine essence is the basis of self empowerment. This can look and feel different for women all around the world and often depends on a foundation of freedoms aforementioned. It truly is fulfilling seeing so many of you enjoying life as a woman whilst wearing our designs. Our intention behind their creation is to support you in feeling comfortable to shine your inner beauty. Though, it is the artisans and makers who are the real heroes in bringing our designs' intentions to life through loving, conscious craftsmanship.

Our team in India holds a strong focus on women empowerment, ensuring the women have access to education, healthcare, and equal opportunities in the workplace. Their working environments are positive, caring and place a great deal of importance on the work relationships feeling like family. Based on the values of ancient Indian philosophies, they believe the energy they embody whilst crafting transcends through their creations. Hearing our artisans and makers open up about their hopes for this energy being felt worldwide warms our hearts in ways we simply cannot describe. 
We wanted to shine some light on our beautiful female makers in India and how working in nurturing environments supports their feelings of self empowerment.
Bila says her whole house is run by the money she receives from her salary. She is saving to support her two daughters' marriages. Marriage is an essential sacrament in Bila’s culture, symbolising the prosperity of two families joining together. Having the means to support her daughters through this rite of passage is a realised dream for Bila.
Anita, says she feels proud to be able to buy herself things she wants for her own self care, like makeup! Anita loves going out and with reliable income she has the freedom to travel and go shopping on her own accord.
Saraswati, enjoys the power of being able to contribute to her household expenses. She feels honoured to be able to support her husband financially in times of stress or ill health. Saraswati believes her work brings positive blessings to her marriage and their lives together.
Raju, shares her joy for being able to support her family. Raju’s husband is no longer in this world so earning an income is essential for her and her family's livelihood. From her salaries, Raju has been able to afford the marriage of her two daughters. Working on Daughters of India garments was her first job since her husband's passing and she says it will be her last. Raju also receives government benefits through her workplace and medical remuneration.

Manisha, says she feels proud to earn a wage so she can pay for her own education. After struggling with his own income, Manisha’s father was unable to afford her college payments. Since receiving free education on skills and training to work in our making facility and being provided with a steady, reliable income, Manisha has been able to recommence her studies.
Nirmala shares her feelings of empowerment in being the breadwinner of her house so she can fulfil her children’s wishes and enjoys not having to be dependent on anyone to fulfil her own requirements.
Anushree, entrepreneur and team leader, says that empowering the women in the workplace gives her satisfaction in knowing that during her lifetime, she has been able to change others lives for betterment. “Making these women aware of their worth and disseminating love, power, energy and positive vibrations in the field around us is what empowers me most. We believe what goes around, comes back to you… in all karmic events. I think that's the reason I met Megan. Megan creating Daughters of India has not only helped me in growing personally, but helped these ladies earn salaries and live better lives.”
Daughters of India are empowered women in the workplace. We encourage women to feel accepted, acknowledged and respected in their deity. Whether it is in the workplace of our making facilities, through the initiatives of our charity partners, or through women wearing our designs worldwide, the empowerment of women is how we feel we can empower our world to unify in love and connection!
We thank you for joining our journey and sharing your light with the world. To all women, we see you, we feel you, we honour you. May you continue to shine in your divine feminine essence.
With love and gratitude,
Daughters of India
(Words by Ella Josephine Archer)